Most People seem to agree that we cannot and do not want to go back to the past, but the reason given is often wrong; that time has moved on and what was can never be again. The truth is that we cannot go back to what we never left. Our home is the earth, our time the Pleistocene Ice Ages. The past is the formula for our being.
(Paul Shepard)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

we sicken you we thicken you

It's raining and I have no books to read. These stories are old but I found them trawling about on the Guardian website. Now it sounds funny and maybe counter intuitive but I absolutely welcome corporate involvement in Government.
In the old days of the cold Eastern bloc dissidents would say " at least we know our news is biased while yours pretends to be objective" and similar. A moderate amount of digging will reveal the unbelievable amount of influence and power that food manufacturers have in the hand of government and policy making. It's got so bad they don't even feel the need to apologise properly "I deeply regret any impression of impropriety"..."impression"??? Or how about this "DR Susan Jebb is the government advisor on obesity SAJ is a member of Scientific Advisory Boards for Coca-Cola, Heinz, PepsiCo, NestlĂ© and Kellogg’s." Susan Jebb through some amazing power of compartmentalisation sees no conflict of interest. Or Kellogs working their sugary magic here. Maybe that's why the NHS says there is no difference between peparami (unilever) and venison or lamb's liver.If only I had a had a peperami for breakfast instead of liver and kidney I would not have exceeded my daily dose of red meat....oh no my colon!
So why on earth would I want more corporate involvement? Because people will finally wake up! If you know, if it is transparently clear, that your governments advice comes straight from independent business interests you will start question it or more likely ignore it and search for alternative sources.
Here is the story and here is the opposition response, two sides of the same shitty coin which is the same on both shitty sides. Here's some great health advice; do the exact opposite of whatever Diane Abott does.

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